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What happens if my citation is not found?
You may need to include the letter M or E in front of the citation number. For example, M912345. Please review your citation to determine which, if any, letter should be included. If you still cannot locate your citation, it may not be available for payment online or by phone until closer to your court date. Please try the search again in the future.

How do I know if my payment was posted to my case?
Payment(s) may take 1-3 business days to post to your case. To verify that your payment has been applied to your case or if you have any other questions, please visit

I do not live in Georgia, what are my options? MANDATORY COURT APPEARANCE - If you live outside Georgia and have a citation that requires a mandatory court appearance, it may be necessary for you to hire legal counsel to represent you if you are unable to attend Court.

NON-MANDATORY COURT APPEARANCE - If you received a traffic citation and do not wish to appear in court, you may dispose of it by following the payment instructions above. However, if you wish to appear in Court, live outside Georgia, and cannot appear on your court date, it may be necessary for you to hire legal counsel to represent you.

Where can I find additional information?
For answers to specific questions dealing with the Gwinnett Courts, e-mail Please include as much information as you can such as your name, case number or citation number, and your phone number.

Record Search

Please use only two fields to search for your record(s).
You MAY have to include any letter with the citation or case number. Example: 123456A.
If your citation or case number begins with a '0' and using it in the textbox above fails to display your record, please try the citation or case number WITHOUT the '0' as a prefix.

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