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Paylocalgov comes with custom-tailored features and a robust suite of advanced payment options that are simple, fast, and secure – governments can easily accelerate the collection of payments and provide greater convenience for positive user experience.

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Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

ODR increases civic engagement by allowing parties to resolve differences through a real-time, private and “virtual” process – ultimately reducing times and cost associated with disputes involving: payments, property management, property taxes, licensing hearings, unemployment claims, retirement hearings, benefits concerns, workers compensation, small claims, utilities disputes, and more.


Paylocalgov is certified at the highest level of PCI compliance (Level 1) with multiple layers of security for data protection

API Gateway

Centralize your back-office systems to enhance operational efficiencies and workflows across single or multiple departments and cross-functions cross-functions

Payment Technology

Payment channel options include NFC (near field communications), digital wallets, digital banking, SMS/Text payments, mobile POS, and more

Customer Experience

Customer can use intuitive self-help tools, receive e-alert updates, and access wider options for payments such as credit, debit, eCheck, PayPal, Visa Checkout, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, AMEX Express Checkout, Masterpass, Venmo and more!

Robust Reporting

Access customizable real-time reporting with instant search feature inclusive of time-saving data analytics, and a wide variety of filter options for detailed account activity for effective reporting management

Bill Presentment

Reduce cost and collect payments faster with convenient electronic statements and notifications

Shopping Cart

Enable your customers to select single or multiple bills to pay with fast checkout and split-payment options

Accepted Payment

Payment options
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